5 Awards Your Business Needs to Enter

Posted on July 26, 2019 by Digital Entrepreneur Awards

DEAs Manchester -enter awardsSo many businesses are hesitant when it comes to entering for an award. At the Digital Entrepreneur Awards (DEAs) however, we know that there’s an accolade perfectly suited to your organisation.

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Whether it’s to gain recognition for yourself, your team, your products or your business’ growth and development, entering for an award is an incredible way for your organisation to get the recognition it deserves and show off to your customers.

So, today we’ve put together five awards that we think are ideal for your business to enter.

Best Mobile App

There are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users across the globe, and we spend 90% of our mobile time on apps. New for the DEAs 2019, this award recognises those taking full advantage of the booming mobile application marketplace.

Is your business developing an innovative application to advance in the market? Is your application generating an impressive amount of income or making your users’ lives easier? If you’re making waves in your industry, we want to hear about it!

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Social Media Campaign of the Year

Nowadays, it’s unusual to find people that do not have at least one social media account. It’s become one of the biggest platforms on earth and presents incredible opportunities for businesses large and small.

For this award, we’re looking for campaigns and everyday practices that display a sophisticated understanding of social media communication. Statistics on volume, interaction and audience success will help you stand out in the judges’ eyes. How creatively has your approach impacted on website traffic, customer experience and the bottom line?

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Digital Business of the Year

What’s your business doing above and beyond the rest?

Our judges want to see a clear indication of success. This award is not about an individual piece of work but a consistency throughout the year and a collective entrepreneurial approach to business. It is as much about the company’s relationship with digital as it is the successful projects themselves.

We want to hear about the exceptional achievements that make you the DEA Digital Business of the year!

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AI Innovation Award

The use of AI and machine learning (ML) is picking up speed across all industries. How is your business capitalising on this technology?

This award is for those who have the creativity and innovation to leverage AI and ML, to advance the user experience and drive business performance. However you’re using this tech, our judges want to hear all about it!

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eCommerce Developer of the Year

Are you the developer or development team behind some of the web’s most successful eCommerce sites? Our judges are looking for outstanding architects of the web. Those who consistently enable their clients’ eCommerce platforms to deliver high-volume sales, whilst providing an excellent end- user experience.

Developers, it’s time to get the recognition you deserve!

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If these five awards aren’t right up your street, there’s still plenty more to choose from! Check out our awards categories now.

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