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Posted on August 30, 2018 by Digital Entrepreneur Awards

DEAs Manchester Applying for business awards can be time consuming, especially when your business is running at full speed! At the DEAs, we understand that businesses and entrepreneurs have a very busy diary and are often caught between getting the recognition they deserve and fulfilling the requirements of their business.

That’s why we’ve made the application process short, sweet and simple. There are only three short questions to answer – the first being: ‘Give us a snapshot of your business in no more than 250 words’.

It’s as simple as that.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the recognition you deserve – award entries close on 31st August. That’s just one day away!

So, what type of awards are up for grabs?

Digital Business of the Year (medium to large)

This award is a huge achievement and is presented to a medium-to-large business in recognition of their incredible breadth of entrepreneurial talent.

Our judges want to see a clear indication of success. This award is not about an individual piece of work but a consistency throughout the year and a collective entrepreneurial approach to business. It is as much about the company’s relationship with digital as it is the successful projects themselves.

What’s your business doing that goes above and beyond the rest and how can you prove what your business has done to make you the DEA Digital Business of 2018? We want to hear!

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Best Use of Mobile and IoT

In 2018, we increasingly rely on our mobile phones as our primary tool for gathering information on the go. Connected devices offer the potential for a fourth industrial revolution, with experts predicting that more than half of new businesses will run on IoT by 2020.

Our judges want to learn how you are leading the industry and playing your part in the fast-growing IoT industry and mobile web. We want to know the strategic part that IoT and mobile are playing in your overall operation.

So, how are you capitalising on the fastest-growing computing opportunity in the world? How have you innovatively utilised IoT technology to advance in the market? Is your mobile site generating an impressive amount of income? Do you have a mobile-specific marketing tool that is changing the industry? Have you developed a creative and clever application that’s making mobile sales easier or more appealing? Get your applications in (and you can even apply from your mobile!).

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Most Innovative Use of Video or Animation

Arguably one of our most creative awards, we want to seek out the talented film teams and animators among you who can create pieces of work that connect with their audiences like no other. Video and animation can be used to transform a brand from obscurity into a household name.

Our judges are looking for an online video or animation with a personality that sits at the heart of the business strategy and brand development. Alongside the creative concept of the project, please tell us about the strategic reasoning for the project and the results you’re seeing.

Are you using innovative animation to drive traffic or explain a complex process? Is your video notching up thousands of views? Go on, show us how creative you’ve been!

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eCommerce Developer of the Year

We’re looking to reward the developers working behind the scenes to pioneer new techniques and systems at the heart of the e-services industry, creating the extraordinary transactional websites that make the UK’s eCommerce industry shine on an international stage.

Our judges are looking for outstanding architects of the web, who consistently enable their clients’ eCommerce platforms to deliver high volume sales whilst providing an excellent end user experience.

Are you the developer or development team behind some of the web’s most successful eCommerce sites? Developers; it’s time to get the recognition you deserve.

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Online Retailer of the Year

Online stores are booming and there’s no stopping the industry from expanding rapidly. As part of an explosive industry, online retailers are never at rest. New investments in innovation are needed just to stay afloat.

The DEA judges are looking for an innovative and successful online retailer who has invested in pioneering marketing and development methods which surpass even these gruelling industry standards. The result of your successful strategy and investment will have contributed not only to your success but to pushing the whole industry forward.

What has your online store accomplished this year? Our judges are eager to hear! Top of Form

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 In just three questions you can become a DEA 2018 winner!

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Entries close on 31st August.

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