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Posted on July 22, 2016 by Digital Entrepreneur Awards

Well, what a week it’s been! Since extending our entry deadline to next Friday, 29th July, we’ve been inundated with applications from all you digital whizzes across the country.

We’re so proud that we’re here to shine a light on all the amazing teams, individuals and campaigns enhancing the digital landscape in the UK. Whether you’ve entered and are waiting with bated breath, you’re deliberating over your entry, or you just plain haven’t had the time to do it yet, we’re sharing some top tips that make for a winning one.

1. Be pernickety

Yes, we all hate those people who pick up on every single spelling and grammar error in your informal email thread. But if you’ve got one of these characters in your office, now is your time to use them! Let their freak flag fly – our judges can be instantly put off by misplaced apostrophes, broken sentences and inconsistent spellings.

2. Know your limits

Some of our questions indicate word limits (usually 250). Obviously, don’t exceed them; but that’s not our tip – it’s not a tip at all. This is our tip: take the word limits as a guide – if we impose a 250 word limit, it’s because we expect you to have so much to say that you’ll want to fill entire pages. Try to come as close as possible – don’t give us three sentences when we’re expecting three paragraphs.

3. Name drop

If you work with brands and recognised bodies, it’s a really good idea to give us an idea of who they are. A brief list of some of your major clients works well to build a picture of your business. Choose similar clients if your entry applies to a specific sector, or include a wide range if the category is more general.

4. Make the cut

On some of the questions, you’ll end up writing quite a lot. In order to fully communicate the scale of the innovative work you’ve been doing, you’re going to need a good few paragraphs. It can be really helpful for our judges if the text is broken down into manageable sections. Try the classic “Problem, Solution, Result” to clearly mark the effectiveness of your strategy, or go left field and use vaguely punny phrases – take inspiration from this post, if you need.

5. What’s your number?

We know from experience that our judges love stats. Any figures that can demonstrate how your work has driven profit, growth or usability is a strong endorsement for your entry. Make them easy to see – break them down into bullet points if you really want to pack a punch.

6. Read ‘em and (don’t) weep

For some awards, the difference between two questions could be that one is asking how and the other why. Make sure you read each question properly before hammering in a response that covers the following question as well. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if that happens, as you can just divide and rework your answers. Do that – don’t copy and paste the same answer into the second box as well.

7. Words are key

The Digital Entrepreneur Awards are looking for entrepreneurs within the digital sector – that’s no secret. Use key words, but don’t fill your entries with an unnecessary amount of industry jargon. If you’ve read each question properly – see above – you should have an idea of the kind of buzzwords that will stand out the judges and keep them interested.

So there you go! Take these on board for your application, let them persuade you to enter, or just rest happy in the confidence that you tick all these boxes. There’s one week left to enter, and we can’t wait to see what the judges decide very soon!

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