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Posted on June 24, 2016 by Digital Entrepreneur Awards

It’s been an intense week for everyone in the UK; the tech industry and all those who contribute to it will no doubt see changes to operations in the future. With such an air of change around us, what better time than now to celebrate our recent successes? Let’s not forget the amazing, innovative work we’re doing right now – work that makes the UK a forward-thinking and progressive place for tech.

The DEAs are like no other. The only awards ceremony specifically designed to reward digital achievement, they shine a light on the biggest and best innovations sculpting the modern age. From apps streamlining services in the public sector to animations bringing brands to life, we’re looking for the best in technological development and entrepreneurialism.

This Friday, we’re giving you the lowdown on five of our exciting awards, showing you what it takes to become a DEA winner.

  1. Software Innovation of the Year

Who is it for? This category rewards the talent, dedication and knowledge of our digital architects.

Why? A good piece of software runs without ceremony, improving engagement and output while empowering individuals and teams alike.

What are the judges looking for? Our judges want to know about tangible gains to business – either yours or your clients’.

Last year, Rebmark Legal Solutions won with their PiCalculator:

  1. Best Use of Mobile Technology

Who is it for? This award will be presented to a company that has embraced technology on a whole new level, utilising technology to transform their business practices.

Why? In a world where mobile phones are our primary tool for gathering information, the opportunities for digital development to revolutionise our everyday lives is phenomenal.

What are the judges looking for? Our judges want to hear from the forward-thinking early adopters, who are both creative and pragmatic in their technology use.

  1. Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

Who is it for? This award is for any public body demonstrating innovative thinking and bringing results to positively impact their services.

Why? The UK public sector has one of the trickiest technology challenges of all; making tech relevant, accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective.

What are the judges looking for? Whether all-encompassing or as simple as a new app or process, our judges want to see technology being actively embraced.

2015 saw Big White Wall walk home with the award:

  1. Integrated Digital Campaign of the Year

Who? This award will be presented to the person or team that shows they understand the nuances of various platforms and can play to the strengths of each.

Why? With digital playing such a crucial role in business today, it needs to be done right. To ensure an effective campaign, every aspect must feel necessary.

What are the judges looking for? The judges will need to see that there has been process and strategy in the planning stages and that this has been instrumental in the delivery of a successful campaign.

  1. Most Innovative Use of Video or Animation

Who? We want to seek out the talented film teams and animators who can create pieces of work that connect with their audiences like no other.

Why? Video and animation can be used to engage the public in new and innovative ways, transforming a brand from obscurity into a household name.

What are the judges looking for? Our judges are looking for an online video or animation with functionality and personality, which works fluently with both strategy and brand.

Newly reworked for this year’s awards, see last year’s winners Together For Short Lives:

Do you believe you tick the boxes for any of these awards? If you do, but you haven’t entered, there’s no time like the present. With just over two weeks left to apply, you don’t want to miss a trick. Let us reward the best – enter now.

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