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About Us

The Digital Entrepreneur Awards is the only national awards dedicated to internet entrepreneurialism. We're proud to honour the pioneers of the internet from steadfast business leaders who spot commercial opportunities to technical geniuses working tirelessly behind the scenes on digital advancement.

The awards have been honouring Britain's online entrepreneurial talent for nine years and every year, our judges unearth entries showcasing the best of the web, with the aim of uniting and congratulating companies that are driving forward the frontiers of business on the internet.

The number of entries grow year-on-year, with nominations coming from a vast range of online businesses, from large corporates to start-up enterprises. All of our judges are passionate about promoting the talent behind digital innovation and creativity and giving businesses and individuals a forum to share their knowledge, in order to encourage future entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps.

Our ongoing partnership with hosting provider UKFast gives us the perfect opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the ever evolving digital industry. UKFast have been looking after the internet fortunes of many of the UK's most competitive brands for over a decade and have helped countless entrepreneurs realise their potential.

The awards evening itself, caters for an average of 350 guests made up of businesses, digital agencies, entrepreneurs, consultancies, judges and industry gurus. It is a formal, black-tie dinner at the iconic Palace Hotel in the heart of Manchester city centre. As well as a three course dinner and champagne reception, the evening includes a speech from a leading figure in the world of business and, of course, an awards presentation announcing all our winners.