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Posted on August 4, 2017 by Digital Entrepreneur Awards

We run the DEAs to amplify the voices of the best in UK tech. So when those very voices tell us they want more time, we are nothing but thrilled to oblige. That’s why, as you might have seen, the big news from DEA HQ this week was that the deadline for entries has been extended to August 11th 2017. This means that you have an extra working week to submit nominations for yourself, your company or anyone across the country who’s impressed you with their innovations in the digital sector.

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We’ve taken it as a huge compliment that the tech community has asked for an extension to the entry deadline. Your insistence upon entering tells us that our awards are valued. We’ve seen this year on year, with many of our winners gaining huge exposure and making impressive progress as a result of their accolades.

All this has got us thinking about what winning actually means. For the DEAs, there are a few takeaways:

Bang that gong

We’ve listed this first as it may be the most superficial outcome of winning at the DEAs. If you are crowned victor, you get a shiny trophy to take away and add to your cabinet. While the material aspect of the award might not seem that significant, it is an effective and convenient endorsement to have at hand. And, you know what they say – seeing is believing.

Your name precedes you

Taking home an award means you get to keep that title. For the year, you are this year’s winner, and for every year after that, you are a previous winner – either way, the glory remains yours. Added to mail signatures, homepage copy or marketing collateral, it’s a glowing endorsement however you choose to use it.

Expose yourself (not literally)

Once you enter the folds of DEA winner stardom, we don’t just forget about you. Not only do our winners get write-ups on our website, but we also feature them throughout the year via social media. Our wide readership and public presence makes regular mentions from us a great way to boost PR.


Yes, we know it sounds cheesy. But take note: winning a DEA may cause symptoms of increased confidence, bravery and boldness, which may well have a further positive impact on business. You’ve been warned.

A step further

Collectively, the above contribute to your growth as a business. The medal, the title, the exposure and the confirmation that you are a valuable asset to UK tech can all directly impact your success.  Two of last year’s victors, Space 48 (Digital Business of the Year (small)) and Digital Six (Web Development Project of the Year) have reported financial and client-base growth, both of which they attribute in no small part to their DEA-winning status.

Winning an award at the DEAs means a lot; maybe even more than the five points we’ve identified. Whatever your reason for entering, we couldn’t be happier to give you all the extra chance to benefit from the DEAs.

Enter before 11th August to be in with a chance of winning.

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