Are You Still Camera Shy?

Posted on July 20, 2017 by Alistair Hardaker


For decades creative agencies have been the home of talented designers and writers. Even before the introduction of the internet, visual thinkers and copywriters dominated the creative sector. In the years after the introduction of the net, these print creatives transitioned relatively smoothly to web pages, which were as static as a magazine or newspaper (apart from the odd animated gif). Creatives in print effectively moved online and the web developer was born to tie everything together.

Today’s web is not the same place it once was. It is no longer just graphics and text, but the medium often still missing from our creative process is one we now consume every day: video. Whilst it is often considered an art form of its own, video now dominates our digital experience. Our once static social news feeds are now filled with video. Video is the format in which we ‘call’ our friends and relatives abroad. It’s a vital aspect of effective eCommerce, often meaning the difference between a bounce and a conversion. Video is a truly digital ingredient.

YouTube alone accounts for 5 billion videos watched every single day, but companies are still wary, which means that video producers and animators are seldom a mainstay of the modern digital team. Now that consumer tech allows anyone to produce video content there is no reason not to get filming. Standing out now is as much the result of quickly executing incredible ideas as it is about having high-quality, professional production.

In order to stay current, it’s time to start considering video as an essential channel in your creative and marketing arsenal.

If this all sounds like old news, and you are leading the way with engaging and original video, why not share your work with us?

Most Innovative Use of Video or Animation

Our judges are looking for an online video or animation with function and personality that sits at the heart of the business strategy and brand development. Are you using innovative animation to drive traffic or explain a complex process? Is your video notching up thousands of views? Arguably one of our most creative awards, we want to seek out the talented film teams and animators who can create pieces of work that connect with their audiences like no other.

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