Spotlight on Anyvan – Green Project of the Year

Posted on January 20, 2011 by Digital Entrepreneur Awards, our winner of the Green project of the year award is a new concept in delivery services, namely a delivery auction website.

Any person with something to move, be it a single piece of furniture, item from eBay or an entire house move can list their items and delivery points on the site. Transport providers then bid on the product being moved, and the customer selects the most appropriate bid. This process is free for both customers and transport providers.

The company is growing in a sustainable way, with customers, transport providers and the environment benefiting from its work as it continues to scale the business upward.

Thus far Anyvan has saved over 300 metric tonnes of CO2, whilst also saving 60 per cent of the average delivery price.

While Anyvan are primarily focussed on their own growth at this time, in the long term they aim to scale up the project to an international scale, and hope to move into other areas such as waste management or passenger transport.

The company is keen to work with others in the transport and delivery sectors to continue its success, and ensure that usability; greener behaviour and sustainability are at the forefront of similar start-up companies.

View winners video here

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